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2012: BoardGamer.ru (Russia) Recommendation

2011: Juego del Ano Tico Nominee

2011: Ludoteca Ideale (Italy)

2010: JUG Game of the Year Nomination - JUG




 • 1 Rulebook •1 Game Board • 45 High-quality, fully detailed plastic playing pieces • 4 Threat Dials • 4 Power Sheets •More than 175 Tokens •Over 125 Cards •5 Dice

Chaos in the Old World makes you a god. Each god’s distinctive powers and legion of followers grant you unique strengths and diabolical abilities with which to corrupt and enslave the Old World.
Khorne, the Blood God, the Skulltaker, lusts for death and battle.
Nurgle, the Plaguelord, the Father of Corruption, luxuriates in filth and disease.
Tzeentch, the Changer of Ways, the Great Conspirator, plots the fate of the universe.
Slaanesh, the Prince of Pleasure and Pain, the Lord of Temptations, lures even the most steadfast to his six deadly seductions.
Yet, as you and your fellow powers of Chaos seek domination by corruption and conquest, you must vie not only against each other, but also against the desperate denizens of the Old World who fight to banish you back to the maelstrom of the Realm of Chaos.
Chaos in the Old World features three w ays to win, and gives you an unparalleled opportunity to reshape the world in your image. Every turn you corrupt the landscape, dominating its inhabitants, and battle with the depraved followers of rival gods. Each god has a unique deck of gifts and abilities, and can upgrade their followers into deadly foes. Summon forth living manifestations of Chaos, debased and hidden cultists, and the horrifying greater daemons - beings capable of destroying near everything in their path.  
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Morrslieb, the evil moon, shines down over the walls of the slumbering castle. A lone creak resounds through the air as the front gates are drawn open. Suddenly, screams fill the night as the hordes of Chaos rampage through the city. Huge red daemons brandishing massive hellblades tear through the streets cutting down everyone they find in the name of Khorne. As the daemons reach the inner gate, they are beset by a massive vulture-headed creature! The minions of the two rival powers clash in the streets, stomping on the helpless peasants underfoot. The count sends his mightiest knights forth to do combat with the forces of Chaos, but they are no match for the daemons arrayed against him. The city will fall, but which power will claim it?

Aided by hidden cultists, armies of daemons and men dedicated to the ruinous powers seeking to destroy all that is good and pure in the world. Chaos in the Old World, a board game designed by Eric M. Lang, lets you become one of the four Ruinous powers. Command the secretive cultists, the powerful warriors, and even the Greater Daemons as you spread despair and destruction through the realms of Old World.

Which path of corruption will you choose?
Never before have you had such dizzying heights of power handed to you on a silver platter. You will become one of the terrifyingly powerful gods of Chaos! Each god has a unique style of conquering the world, and the god you choose to become offers you a unique way to wage war upon the other gods. So which will you become?
The Blood God, Khorne, sits atop his brass throne on a mountain of skulls. His lieutenants, the terrifying Bloodthirsters, are unmatched on the field of battle. In the throes of blood frenzy they strikes without warning, leaving a trail of corpses in their wake. Their battle cry cuts through the air over the screams of the fallen: Blood for the Blood God!
Seductive and insalubrious, Slaanesh, the Prince of Pleasure, lures many powerful individuals down the dark path. The followers of Slaanesh delight in wretched excess, savoring both pain and perversion. The power of Slaanesh lies not in swords, but in services. Backed by the mighty Daemonettes, beautiful sirens with vicious pincers, the armies of Slaanesh seek to corrupt the world from within.
Grandfather Nurgle, the Lord of Pestilence, thrives on the decay of all things. Feeding off of the powerful forces of disease and decay, Nurgle seeks nothing more than the spread of plague. Sending forth his cultists to spread loathsome infections across the Old World, Nurgle leads them with his disgusting Plaguebearers. These grotesque daemons wield blades that weep with disease. Decay is just so natural, why not be strengthened by it?
The Lord of Change, Tzeentch, understands that knowledge is power, and all things are known to him. Fueled by secrets and unmatched magical powers, he works his machinations from the shadows. His minions are omnipresent, yet many never know they do his bidding. Words of power whispered in the right ear, seductive secrets revealed at the right time, Tzeentch is a quick path to power. However, Tzeentch is also the Lord of Change, and his whims are fluid. Take care not to abuse the power given to you, for you will pay it back... in time.
A World In Flames
Each turn sees you coming closer to dominance of the Old World. Laid out before are the pathetic provinces of man, nine in total. Each of these is a battleground, where you must defend your schemes from the forces of the other Gods. Dials, representing the threat you pose to the world, move according to each God's powers.
Khorne advances every time he slays an opponent's piece
Slaanesh advances with each noble brought under his sway
Nurgle gleefully advances each time he corrupts the densely populated regions
Tzeentch's advancements are acquired through the corruption of areas steeped in magic
The Old World will fight against your corrupting influence. Events are resolved at the start of every turn, and may prove deadly if not dealt with. From Bretonnian Knights seeking the grail to the schemes of the vicious ratmen, the Skaven, your forces will need to be wary.
Aiding you are your godlike powers. You have a hand of Chaos cards that represent the various gifts you may bestow upon your chosen followers or plans to ruin a particular region of the Old World. You must manage your power carefully, however, in order to both ruin the world and thwart the plans of your opponents!
Your cultists will aid you in corrupting the Old World, your chosen warriors will help to eliminate the puny forces marshaled against you, and your Greater Daemons will lend their mighty powers to help dominate the lands. During the game you may bestow gifts upon these minions to aid them in reshaping the world in your foul image. Once your power wanes, other players unleash their own armies and terrible gifts. Once all players have depleted their power, it is time for battle!
At this point every region in the Old World erupts into conflict, as your forces vie for dominance with the other vile powers. Your warriors will seek to destroy enemy cultists, warriors and daemons, and your cultists will rapidly spread your corruption. Plan carefully, as each power has unique followers with their own abilities.
After the fury of battle, every region you corrupt earns you points. Be the first to dominate a region to collect full points, or watch in horror as a rival power claims the lion's share of the points.
Once a region is corrupted beyond salvation by the combined forces of Chaos, it is ruined and every player that took part in its decline in it collects corruption points. The cycle begins anew with the world lashing back at you and the reinvigoration of your dark powers.
There are two distinct ways for you to win the game.
Advance your dial to the maximum by completing your unique agenda, and your superiority over the other Ruinous Powers of Chaos is proven!
Dominate and corrupt the world more completely than your fellow Powers, using your followers and chaos cards more effectively, and you will be the first to reach 50 points and win the game immediately!
So which Power will you dedicate yourself to? Each has its own flavor and play style, and games missing even one Power play much differently. Without Khorne, the world is less deadly. Without Slaanesh the world is less friendly. Without Nurgle the world descends into corruption more slowly. Without Tzeentch the world is more static. The fate of the Old World rests in your hands, it is up to you whether you hold it in your grasp, or crush it utterly!
The forces lay waste to the castle, burning it to the ground. This is not the time for mere skirmishes. The wastes have emptied with promise of bloodshed and plunder. Cultists reveal themselves as traitors and panic runs rampant among the populace. One power will rise to conquer the whole world. It is your hand that guides it...
For those of you who can’t get enough of the Warhammer world we have an added bonus! Included in the first print run, two very rare in game items for the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning MMO. The Signet of the Cursed Company lets you wander the battlefields of the Warhammer Online MMO as a fearsome skeletal warrior. The Call to WAR will instantly teleport you to your capital city. Also be sure to check out the Support page to view the awesome video trailer for Warhammer Online and the link to a free 10-day trial.
The Old World will burn and be reborn in your glorious image!
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